The Ex; by me

Blame Cayenne*๐Ÿ’‹

I have this intense sensation

To flirt through the wild streets of

Your mind

To know what you thinking

To know what you dreaming

I am at a junction now

Cross roads of which to take

Should I take the political detour

With concerns of the nation at heart?

Or should I graze the church street?

Maybe I’ll catch you talking with

Jesus and Gandhi

Mischievous eyes

And flirty thoughts…

Are oblivious to the mind’s quandary

A plethora of carnal emotions

Naturally steer my eyes

To the road truly desired

The Highway of Cayenne

But when about to cross, I paused

For I was apprehensive of seeing


Likely hidden from me

Or maybe fears hardly shown

Then I thought;

That will only make you the more


And aptly my Diego

And so I strolled through the wild


Of your imaginations…

And seesawed the craziness of your


I also stared for hours at the fears

Knotted in your heart…

And tended them with my soft palms

And at the end of my escapade

Oh I was drunk with LOVE!

I was in love with you more than ever!

And the doctor said I needed

To be Hospitalized

Sorry for not asking your permission

Before invading the streets of your


If you feel tired this noon

Blame Cayenne




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