The Ex; by me

Old Valentines❤️💛💙💜💚💗

At 24
I’ve been love by four men
I’ve been loved by you

Yes you
My first Valentine
A time of sweet innocence
Refreshing naïvety
To say yes to your proposal of
Marriage was more of bravery than
For I was 17 and naive

But Spanish Guitar was my favorite
Would have let you play me
Through the night was I not scared
Of loosing my pride…my virginity

But I loved when you kissed me
Though I had to continue at it till
I discovered the treasures of kisses
And I loved that you danced
And adored me
Like I was someone to know…
To understand
And love

My 2nd Valentine
You were more of a Rebound
You knew it innately
And the dangers it involved
But you were lured by my
Innocent eyes that pledged the
Possibility of forever
With you I discovered the pleasure
Of wild lips
And kisses all over my face
With you I delved into the
Romance of the kitchen
And pleasures of pillow fights
But I still kept my pride
And as rebounds are meant to be
I broke your heart

My 3rd Valentine
You stole me from another’s arms
And lured me with the fantasy
Of celebrity dating
A fresh guy and a fresh girl
Who wouldn’t smile at them

A virgin yet as naughty as me
Prepared to discover all the
Romance of silhouette novels
We role played and acted
Texted love messages and sang
To each other
You were what every girl wanted

And since I had finally found you
Or so I thought
I gave you my pride
In the pool
On the table
In the bathroom
Hands tired to the bed posts
It was no wonder God saved me
And I broke your heart

My fourth Valentine
Oh you wouldn’t let me be
You sought for love
And unfortunately you found me
You wanted a woman for life
But you got ‘Cayenne’

The only man I was myself with
Yet or thus
We fought everyday
Kissed everyday
Slapped each other
And cooked together

The market women knew us
The Liberians smiled at us
The lectures teased us
And I loved every moment I spent
With you

You taught me to grow up
Be a woman
Build; Invest; Cook
Learn; Research; Love
Care; Give; Dream
But I still broke your heart
Coz we were not meant to be

Now my last Valentine
You are Odd but Chosen
Unromantic but Loved
Nothing that I wanted yet
All that I would forever cherish

We won’t play under the sheets
You won’t know my pride
But we will overtake this world
The man of my life
The father of my children
And I promise I will make you

I will learn to love you
The contrast of falling in love
It never did me much good
So I’m willing…more than willing
To try you
And if God thinks we would be
Great together
Who am I to protest?
Natasha Asare


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