fearful love

đź’–Benevolent Loveđź’–…..

Why you chose me?
I know. I don’t know
Don’t know if you even know
We are all under the hand
Of God
I know

Maybe you saw
My good
Naturedness and smile
And pure spirit as you
Rightly put it

Why I chose you?
I don’t know. I know.
But at times I’m so lost
As to why I’m still here
We are all under the hand
Of God
I know

But now
We have all the best of intentions
With all the benevolence
Of our hearts
Towards each other
Towards this relationship

We don’t have love
Or the dancing excitement of
Love eyes…eyes that lit up when
Love birds sight each other

We don’t have the romance
Or the craving to see each other
Everyday of each other’s years
We don’t have ecstasy
The ignition key that sparks up
Little doings that mean all
The world to a heart in love

All we have is life
Appreciating it together
Barely holding hands
Experiencing it together
Talks over phone
Building dreams
Though I can’t phantom us
Having a joint account

In the end
All we have is the best
Of intentions
All the benevolence in our
For each other
For this relationship
And one-day
There will be children
If we are able to make it there

And our benevolence
Will reach out to them too
And we’ll have a reason to
Keep on staying
Keep on moving on

But my soul knowth me
And it knows the potent
Possibility of breaking under
The ice
Of our facade of love
Tired with bundles
Of benevolence
And I might
Just might
Fall in love
And it wouldn’t be you
My love.
Natasha- City


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