fearful love

💖 Benevolent Love 2💖…

And I’d break our promise
To benevolence
And I’d destroy your
Good natured heart
And might destroy our marriage

Coz in me
Deep down me
I’m a wild girl
A passionate woman
I had dreams of
Making love to my man
In fragrant spice and honey
Of getting naked
In a pool
Treating him to the most
Sensuous Dance

I used to dream
Of flying
In his arms
On a warm sunny day
On a rich carpet of green grass
A beautiful picnic
Of two love birds
Chasing after each other
What pretty pictures it will
Make for a pink album

I dreamt
Of unending smiles
Yours and mine
Intermingled breaths
Intertwined fingers
In every walk of our life

And even if I convinced
That it belonged to the world
Such love
Only existed in movies
Such joy
Will not last more than
A year or two in marriage

When I break
If I do
It will be because I don’t
Care anymore

In the face of having
Achieved the accolades
Of a successful woman
With the exemption of
A heart to love
And to go to sleep at night
Dreaming about
I would sigh
The saddest sigh of eternity

And I know
I believe
Not even the benevolence
I would have towards my children
Will be enough
To prevent me from falling
Falling in love
And it wouldn’t be you
My love.


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