fearful love

Just Fond….Just Slightly Addicted

You’re still a stranger to me
And I think I am to you
You know me with a sound
Understanding in your eyes
The ‘I get you’ kind of knowing

And I know you with
Distant eyes
A man in my life
Could I ever love?

For now
I’m just fond
Just slightly addicted
To your daily calls
A correspondence of
‘How is your day?…”
Your seasonal ‘watsapp’s’
The only time I can boldly speak
My feelings
To your sad attempts at romance
They just make me smile

For now
I’m just fond
Just slightly addicted
But you haven’t called in a week
And you won’t return my calls
You won’t reply my ‘I love you’s’
Or let me know it is well
I’m still
Just Fond
Just slightly addicted
So I’m okay and
I’m not bothered nor
Nor mad at you
For doing this to me
For making me ache…
And hurt…

And letting me realize
I’m more than fond
Desperately addicted
To your masculine voice
Your relaxed approach to life
To your seasonal words of wisdom
Your priceless perfumes

Even if it’s not enough for me
Even if I wanted more
Even if I’m not in love with you
Even if I wished we would be more

I’m more than fond
Of your presence in my life
And more than addicted
To your maturity and strength
And I lean on you more than
I dare to admit
And even if we can’t be that
Fairy take in Danielle Steele’s
I want you to be my man
Now and forever
And I’ll never let you go
Natasha- City


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