Beautiful Love*

Love Me Mr. City✨💋

There is always time for beauty
For kisses and
For getting lost forever
In your arms

But now I devote myself to
Knowing your smile
Your hurt
And your passions and anger

I devote myself to breathing
In your likes and dislikes
Your world view
And the way you look at God

There will be time
For when the time is ripe
For our lips to meet
And play games

That sacred day
When God will smile down
When two shall become one
On a bed undefiled in his eyes

For now I devote myself to
Knowing you
Not as the bible talks of
Knowing a man
But as my heart and soul desires
To know you
With no remittance of guilt

So love me Mr. City
And allow me to love you
As undefiled
As our souls desires
And let’s do our best to forget those moments..
..Moments like that moonless April
Evening at your crib

In your annoying new couch
When you casually brushed
Your hand down my back
Whiles making a phone call

Within that split second
I saw potential dangerous hands
Capable of making a woman
Of a girl…
Of taking her to places none
Can phantom

And when your conciousness
Came back to reality and you
Pulled your hands back
I smiled
Coz I knew I would dangerously
Enjoy my husband one day

But for now
Let’s devote ourselves to
The beauty
Of our love
Loving without touching
Playing without rubbing
Sharing without regrets
Until the time is ripe.
Natasha- City


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