The Ex; by him

Echoes from Donkorkrom…his letter to me

I am writing this from my room slanted on my high-density mattress with my head couched on two pillows. The ceiling fan above me oscillates giving my just-bathe body a well deserved air. The walls of my room are painted white, two brightly colored and flowery emblazoned curtains opaque my window to the outsider’s view of my room’s inside. My room is as quiet as a place of meditation but in the next couple of minutes, I will break this silence with some high life to keep my eyes on the pages of my new novel. From yesterday to this coming Friday, Genesis, the name of a guest house
In Donkorkrom will house me.

Donkorkrom is an area council in the Kwaku North District of the eastern region. Per the 2010 census it has a population of 31,439 who are primarily agriculturist. It has impeccable forest, fauna and large volumes of water. It’s environment is picturesque of rural settlement; though the community has awakened to brisk Economic activity, water, sanitation and decent housing facilities. Some goats are bleating by reminding me of the “Aponkyikrakra” I took last night.

This community is green. It is less noisy as compared to Accra. It is a place to tell you, you are beautiful without you requesting for an encore. It is a place to let your lips know it’s like a ripe juicy fruit which cannot be left untouched. It’s a place if I tell you I have missed you, you won’t doubt.

Some kilometers away from the community is the Afram river. A long stretch of water along the margins of North and South Kwaku. If I had a yacht, it would have been my wildest dream, no wish, to take you to the middle of it and just tell you that you’re as sweet as honey from a pair of bees.

The scourge of restlessness from a long journey has taxed my body unpleasantly. And I wonder why sleep has deserted me at a time like this- untrustworthy substance it had been. Palms- your palms cascading from my shoulders to my waist is the emergency call I want to make, especially at a moment like this. For tiredness no longer begs for music to relax but you- body and soul.
Lovely yours.
May, 2013


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