The Ex; by him

Singing Adele*

For the first time in my listening to Music,

I gave Adele an hour or so, to speak to my ears,

Her lyrics were inaudible but her pain to my auditory nerves,

I saw the inspiration, from which she sung from so visibly,

I saw how wet her heart was,

And how dry her soul has been,

She took her tragedy to stage,

Putting all the journals of conditional love to beat,

Her heart still beats for the sake of life, not love

For the sake of music, not fusion

I am using this space to let you know

That you are second to none,

And that you still hang like a frame on my mind’s wall,

Which I stare at each moment with my mind’s eye,

Even if all the doors are closed to prevent me from entering,

I won’t mind standing behind them,

I still want to reach out to you,

I believe all we need at the moment are some words to sit on like chairs,

Scripted by us, prefaced by what we seek and hope you do,

And may the brimstone of love burn all our distractions,

Still you know I love you,

And I know you love me,

We are not fairy tales,

We are realities.
June 2013.


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