Naughty Love

The Naughty side of me

He speaks to me in that voice
That entices the naughty side
of me
He looks at me with those eyes
That elicits the wild side of me
Yet he’s not my boo
He’s not my hubby

Living the free life of a
Single woman
Going for dates I want
Throwing flirty glances
Entertaining silly thoughts
Now have to come to a halt

And it begins with commitment
The two C’s
Concious Commitment
Coz thereis something called
Passive Commitment
And the latter can easily be swept
Away by
The charms of another man

So there comes a time when you need to be a girl no longer
But a woman
Who sticks to her word
Who’s thighs he can lay his
head on
And be strong for him when
he’s weak
Be consistent and trustworthy

A woman who can be a mother to
His children
A friend he can always trust
A mother to his baby side
And provide a home

Never to be swayed by the charms
Of any other man
To say till death do us part
And really mean it
His woman


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