Daddy God

Every time Tears Threaten

Every time tears threaten
Emotions well up….
Momentually I forget you….

When my anger is at it’s peak
And my face wears a frown
Momentually I don’t wanna
Remember you…….

When the world has no more
And my being has no more respect
Seemly full of disappointment and
Momentually I want to scream at you!

When I wonder why I was born
And wonder at my many setbacks
Stupidity and weaknesses
Momentually i don’t wanna ever speak to you again

I’m angry that you created me!
I’m angry that I’m hurting the
People that love me!
I’m angry that I exist!
I’m angry that I just can’t die!
I’m angry at you Lord!

And then I remember
I remember that you love me
I remember the many times your
Shoulder has always been
The many times you have never
Failed me

Even when I ask for a vehicle in
A difficult moment
Even when I ask that you lead me to money I have misplaced
Even when I ask that you grant me unmerited favor in a situation
You have never disappointed me

So if I would just hold on to my
And do what I always do
…Just ask
He will answer
…Just believe
He will supply

Just trust
He will prove Himself a Father

Oh my soul
How foolish can you be at times
He has done it again!
Your tears…and anger…and
Bitterness were all for nothing
Heaven is a beautiful place
Ask the angels
They never waver in their trust
Yaa Esaah.


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