Painful Love

A Beautiful Grief

She’s the one that makes my
Heart smile…
She’s the fantasy my heart
Throbs for…
It’s an increase in heart rate…
It’s a full ache******
Oh what a beautiful grief desire

To naked my heart to her
I yearn for
Oh for love to build a bridge
Between our hearts….
But like a pebble in the hand
Of a child…
Guilt crushes my ego
For in the eyes of a fair lady…
I am but a disappointment

As a crying child walks away
From a dead pet
So must I let go the woman of
My fantasies
To wake up next to her for
The rest of my life was my heart
To look over and see her face
On the pillow next to mine
Was my heart thirst…

Oh the yearnings of my
Poor heart…
I must let fly away
It was just a simple crush,
Done and over with…
But then she looked at me

Nattie is her name
Nattie is my name
We must have known each other…
From another life…
She must have been my husband…
I must have been her wife…
But in this life
We shall never be possible…
A memory she shall forever be
Natasha Asare


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