Love is a Blue Collar Job

imageLionel Richie’s ‘Hello’ could

Make you fall in love with love

But that would be okay if your love

Was real love

Coz the last time I checked he

Was divorced twice

So in my dreams I’ve kissed

Your lips a Thousand times

My favorite line of the song

Actually- was for many a women

So unless you desire not a solid


Don’t be in a rush to all in love

With love songs

Coz love is a blue collar job

It’s roses and thorns

Her smile and her irritation

When times stops still and

You feel

You can’t go on no more

But you still go on

But your youthful heart will still

Rush to fall in love with love songs

Coz don’t get it twisted- love

Is a beautiful thing

And in your dreams he will still

Kiss you a thousand times

But all I’m saying is

There is no right person

And no right moment

You Create and make it work

And you feel thrill

And make it real

And it’s patience and hardwork that

Puts a full stop to love

You never stop loving him even if it


You never stop loving her even if it


Coz love is not a feeling

It’s a discipline

Not an emotion

It’s an attitude

Lionel is heading to three

And who knows more

Coz there is no right person

You make it work

Not by might is my belief

Only by His Spirit.




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