The Ex; by him

Mad for You

A shade,
A shadow,
A reflection,
A mirage,
That’s not who you are,
For you are real,
Breathing the products of trees,
With a heart jumping up and down.
The light chocolate skin,
The succulent lower lip,
The mole on the epidermis of your
Your succulent lower lip,
Your figure on this earth space,
All real.
Can’t fake an affect for that,
For fiction can never seduce reality,
That’s why I love you for real.

As you knock my nuisance,
With your sledge hammer of silence,
As you ignore me,
With your veil of stubbornness,
I end up feeling rather wet,
And making love to your beautiful
My mind is drugged with words,
My fingers stretched erect than ever,
Plundering keyboards,
Whiles my heart experience multiple
Orgasms of pain,
No sign of a plateau.

I can’t help,
Coz the evidence is no more
Elliptical to appreciate,
I am the mad one,
I’m the one on drugs,
The misfit,
The unreasonable one,
The person who will sweep you
Off your feet,
And suspend you in the sky.
The one who would lick what you
Reckon to be your flaws,
And tell the world “it taste like

I’m the one who is closer to you,
Than your shadow,
The one who belives in you,
Who sees more that just a woman in
I have to end here,
Coz I just somersaulted into blank
_ _
Feb., 2013


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